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Welcome to Healing Embodied Arts Therapy, where we work with multiple creative modalities – mindfulness, music therapy, yoga, storytelling, movement, breath work, writing, art and more – to provide you with a transformative experience.

Julissa Almonte, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Board Certified Music Therapist, and yoga teacher.


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Special Enrollment Period for Uninsured

South Central Network of Care AS COVID-19 THREATENS PUBLIC HEALTH, ACCESS HEALTH CT ANNOUNCES A NEW SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD FOR UNINSURED CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS New Special Enrollment Period starts Thursday, March 19 and ends Thursday, April 2 Uninsured individuals can sign up for health insurance coverage through Access Health CT during the NEW Special Enrollment Period from Thursday, March … Continue reading Special Enrollment Period for Uninsured

How To Know If It’s a Rebound Relationship or Real Love

A piece I wrote for Love Evolve Thrive https://loveevolvethrive.com/how-to-know-if-its-a-rebound-relationship-or-real-love/ Deciphering whether or not you are in a rebound relationship or truly in a lasting, loving relationship can be challenging. There are some themes that continue to show up when a person is in a rebound relationship in my clinical practice. These have included, but are … Continue reading How To Know If It’s a Rebound Relationship or Real Love

The power of Mindfulness in my life

What is Mindfulness? “Mindfulness” seems to be a word that is being used everywhere to talk about everything from how to improve test scores, to healing the body, to increased productivity in the workplace. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn defines it as “paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.” That may sound easy, but paying … Continue reading The power of Mindfulness in my life

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