Six Tips to Live Mindfully Everyday

  1. Schedule time for a self-care. This is just as important as going to the gym. In fact, this time is the gym for your mind. I usually encourage my clients to do this in the morning, especially if it feels like your day is too jammed packed to fit it in any other way. This time may include reading some uplifting material, writing, or sitting in stillness doing a guided meditation.


  1. Getting out in nature as much as possible when weather permits. This may be in the morning, maybe during a lunch break or in the evening. Try not to listen to music. Pay attention to your surroundings. Remember that you are a part of everything and everything on the walk is a part of you in that very moment.


  1. Power down your devices. Do you really need to watch TV with a laptop, a tablet and your phone? Turn inwards. Allow yourself some face-time in truly connecting with yourself and those around you. Often when someone uses so much technology, this may be a sign of avoiding.


  1. Remember that any thoughts you may have are just thoughts. Thoughts are not absolute truths. They will pass. Be aware of how they may inform your feelings and behaviors.


  1. Create a gratitude list daily. Focus on all that you have, right now. As you pay attention to all the things that you have to be grateful for, your list will grow.


  1. Create art in all of it’s forms. Write some lyrics, do a 30 writing challenge, dance, write poetry, take a pottery class, engage all of your senses without judgment. Be your authentic creative self in all of it’s beautiful forms.



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